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  • Ismayil Shahaliyev

    Ismayil Shahaliyev

    International Chess Master studying MS @ ADA & GW Universities

  • Kajeetha Sarvananthan

    Kajeetha Sarvananthan

    Novice Writer| Tech, Biology, and Social Psych| BSc in Molecular Genetics 🔬 Dreamer 💭 Poet 🖋Tamil Canadian| Creator of https://medium.com/the-mole-biologists

  • Natavan Akhund

    Natavan Akhund

    AI enthusiast

  • Narmin Jamalova

    Narmin Jamalova

    Computer Science & Data Analytics Master Student @ADA & @GWU

  • Farid Jafarov

    Farid Jafarov

    Will add later.

  • Aydin Bagiyev

    Aydin Bagiyev

  • Farida Elchuzade

    Farida Elchuzade

    Game Cosmo |Multilingual community builder & content creator inspiring the world through Technology,Innovation & Entrepreneurship | Events

  • Mr. Data Science

    Mr. Data Science

    I’m just a nerdy engineer that has too much time on his hands and I’ve decided to help people around the world learn about data science!

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